In these straitened times we’re all looking for a bargain. Which is why, if you’re planning on getting married you should do it now.


I mean right now, don’t hang around! A quickie wedding is the perfect way to get married without all the hassle and expense of a big wedding. It makes for a great story too; “We just wanted to, so we did it!”


The best thing about quickie weddings, or elopements, is that they take no planning and you only have to invite your nearest and dearest. Everything else involved in getting married is just expensive trappings that nobody really needs. After all, what do you really need besides a registrar, a ring and the person you love?

OK, so abandoning the entire wedding might be a little bit drastic. But you can still cut down on the stress of organising a big wedding by grabbing what’s available right now. This time of year is great because all the tourists are going home, leaving hotels with rooms to spare, function rooms standing empty and restaurants to fill. Ring around for the best deals and DON’T mention it’s for a wedding! It’s no myth that venues add a percentage to any booking made for a couple getting married.

Getting married at a moment’s notice gives you a great deal of flexibility. If you’ve decided “that’s it, we’re getting married in six weeks’ time!” you can forget about having to accommodate for uncle frank’s dog having an operation that weekend or that your cousin will be skiing, so couldn’t you push it back a week…? Nope, if people can make it, they’re welcome to join in your Big Day, if not, too bad. After all, it’s a day for you as a couple. The people who mean the most to you will find a way.


Keeping the wedding small means that you’ll be able to find enough accommodation and you can sit together at restaurants. Naturally you’ll need to book your tables, but that’s all. You won’t have to find big venues and get outside caterers in like you would if you were inviting a hundred or so friends and family. And uncle Frank’s dog. Remember, if it’s all arranged at a moment’s notice, people won’t have the same expectations. If they aren’t looking forward to a huge wedding with limousines and fancy reception decked out with the latest trends then that’s something you don’t have to worry about doing right. Because you just won’t be doing it at all. So what can go wrong? Life only has as many complications as you create for yourself. Cut out all the opportunities for snags, problems and faults to occur and guess what? They don’t happen! You didn’t order a cake so nobody can drop it. You didn’t order bridesmaids’ dresses so they won’t be late. How to order real Viagra or cheap Viagra soft use viagra online canadian pharmacy. Once you get used to the idea, you’ll see that getting married at the drop of a hat is all very Zen.

If it’s important to you to have a big party, you still can, just do it later on. Organising everything to all take place at the same time is just incredibly hard work, and that’s why engagements often last so long. It’s not that anybody likes a long engagement, it’s just logistics. And there’s nothing romantic about logistics. Since you’re not having a big reception on the day, have a First Six Month anniversary party instead, if you can’t wait the whole year for your party. People get to give you gifts and celebrate your wedding, but you’ve already been married a while, so you know all about it!


Also, don’t forget how blessed we are here on the island. Walk five minutes in any direction and you’ll see another beautiful, dramatic landscape unfold in front of you. Who needs to take an expensive luxury foreign honeymoon when you can book a bridal suite in one of our fantastic hotels and snuggle up, gazing out of the window at the leaves as they turn? You can also take the opportunity to rediscover the island and all the attractions it has to offer. How many times have you heard people saying “I’ve never been” or “I don’t think I’ve been since I was a kid” when visiting friends and family ask them about things to do? I bet you’ve said it too! Check out our What’s On page for upcoming events. And with pirates, dinosaurs, photography, a planetarium and model village and so many other things to explore right here on your doorstep, why not get reacquainted?