At Chessell Woodyard we always recommend you use hardwood logs (Ash, Beech, Birch and Oak etc) as they will emit a strong heat longer than the softwood alternative, therefore saving you money in the long run. To make this easier for you, here are a few pointers and options:

You can come in-store and talk to us face to face, browse our online shop for all our different ‘Ready to Burn’ firewood options or give us a call to discuss your requirements. Whatever questions you may have, we will be happy to assist.

Once your order has been placed and the logs have been delivered make sure they are stored in a suitable location. Anywhere that is covered and allows ample airflow through is ideal. We also strongly recommend taking in a few logs 24 hours before you plan on burning them so they can acclimatise to the room. There are a few ways to ensure that the moisture content is indeed ‘Ready to Burn’ compliant. The bark on the logs should be loose and fall off easily, with radial cracks showing. If you have a moisture meter, we recommend you take 6 readings along the grain of the log and work out the average moisture content. If you are happy that the logs are below the 20% ‘Ready to Burn’ limit, then you can proceed to light the fire.

Chessell Woodyard Logs

If you have a log burner, set the air control to allow as much air to enter as possible. Then you can light and place one of our DR Heat eco-friendly firelighters inside and proceed to create a small tower (using our very own softwood kindling) around the firelighter to get the fire started. The most important factor at this stage is getting lots of air in as possible.

Once set up, close the door of your log burner to allow the kindling to burn to create the ideal environment for the soon-to-be-added seasoned hardwood logs. Being careful, open the door and load up with our Premium Seasoned Logs. The number of logs you put on depends on the size of the log burner as you do not want to smother out the airflow.

Once the logs are alight, reduce the airflow to control the burn. As you use your log burner more frequently you will become familiar with the settings. Using seasoned logs should create minimal smoke and not blacken the glass of your log burner. Then everything is all ready! You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flames dancing behind the glass.

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