As the nights get darker, now’s the time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the colder months. Settling in for the winter months safe in the knowledge that your heating is up to scratch will let you make the most of getting cosy, without the worry of an icy home to deal with. We’ve rounded up the top tips you need to keep your home from getting chilly as the temperature drops. 

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1. Check out the boiler

First things first, if your boiler’s been installed for over ten years, it may be past its prime. You may want to consider investing in a newer model that’ll keep you warm for the foreseeable future. The most popular modern choice for homeowners and renters alike is a combi boiler that combines hot water and heating. As well as letting you use unlimited hot water straight from the mains – and helping you avoid the prospect of a cold shower – combi boilers help you save on space, so they’re perfect if your home’s a little more compact. All in all, looking into the efficiency of your boiler is the number one way you can keep your home nice and cosy through the winter months. 

2. Keep draughts to a minimum

When it comes to keeping the winter winds out, draught excluders are your new best friend. Keeping any leaks or gaps firmly plugged in your windows, doors, and even letterboxes will help to prevent any warm air escaping from inside your house. Once you’re in the habit of using draught excluders, you’ll find your home feels like it’s getting warmer a lot more quickly, too. 

3. Stock up on cozy socks

Chilly nights are the perfect time to get cosy. Treating yourself to new blankets, woolly socks and knitted jumpers gives you the perfect excuse to curl up when it’s getting dark outside. To indulge yourself in a winter wonderland even further, stock up on treat snacks, scented candles, and your favourite films to really make the most of your newly warm home. 

4. Bleed your radiators

If you’ve cranked the heat up but you’re still feeling chilly, it might be time to bleed your radiators. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds and ensures you’re getting more for your money if you’re receiving a hefty heating bill. 

5. Only heat the rooms you use

While most of us use every room in the house regularly, there’s also going to be areas that get less attention as it turns chillier. To keep your home warm and your bills low, try turning down the radiators in your hallways and on your landings. You’ll barely notice the difference in temperature, but you’ll see your heating bills step down a notch. 

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6. Put your timers on

Whether you’re heading back to the office or not this winter, there’s going to be times when you need the heating on full blast more than others. Setting your central heating to fire up first thing in the morning and when you finish work will let you enjoy a warm home when you need it, rather than wasting extra energy when you’re not in to make the most of it. 

7. Stop blocking your radiators

Are your sofas sat right in front of your radiators? While this is a nice way to keep your feet toasty and disguise them, blocking your radiators does nothing to keep the heat circulating around your home. Making sure to move your furniture around to give your radiators space to do their job will make sure you can always enjoy maximum heat in whatever room you choose. 

8. Get your insulation sorted

A massive quarter of your heating bill can be lost through the roof if your home isn’t insulated properly. In fact, Money Supermarket estimates you could be saving as much as £150 a year on your heating bill, simply by insulating your home. Luckily, there’s plenty of DIY tips online to help you insulate your house cheaply, or you could consider getting a professional to kit your home out properly and stay as warm as possible.

9. Let the sunshine in

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a rare sunny day in winter, opening up the curtains will let the sunshine come streaming into your home, and warm up your rooms for free. Just make sure to shut your curtains when the sun goes down for the night. 

10. Reflect the heat

Every little helps when it comes to keeping the heat in! Installing aluminium foil behind your radiators reflects any lost heat back into the room so that essentially, you’re getting more heat from every penny you spend. Foil sheets produced especially for this purpose can be bought for as little as £10. Getting your home ready for winter doesn’t have to be expensive, but will let you enjoy spending time in your refreshed home all the more.