Finding your perfect items on the new Wightbay

Desktop Search
There are several ways to easily find a particular item:

Using the main menu
– Simply click on the section in the top menu to go to straight to that part of the site. From there you can scroll down to find the relevant subsection. Alternatively, if you hover over a section on the top navigation menu you’ll reveal its subsections and from there you can narrow down your search.

Using the main search box
– Here you can type your search directly into the search box. The search bar will suggest items and categories for you to narrow down your search.

Using the search icons
– Alternatively, you can select a category using the icons below the main image.You can click into each of these to explore each section further.

Mobile Search
Again, there  are a number of ways to search on mobile:

Section thumbnails
– Firstly, you can click section thumbnails below the search bar to go directly to the section’s landing page. From there you can scroll downto a relevant subsection.

Navigation icon
– Or you can click on the navigation icon in the top left corner and from there you can select a relevant section.

Search Bar
– Thirdly you can type in the item you are looking for in the search bar. The search bar will suggest items and categories for you to narrow down your search.

Browsers issues
Some people have experienced an issue where Wightbay isn’t loading or displaying correctly.  The good news is that this isn’t a site issue and there’s an easy fix. Simply refreshing the page should correct any issues – to do this press the control & F5 buttons on your keyboard.

If this doesn’t work then you may need to reset your browser’s cookies and website data. A simple guide on how to do this for various browsers can be found here.

Problems with scam or fake adverts
We continue to battle against people placing scam/fake adverts on our site. Any that remain on the site and were not noticed by our old moderation system will be detected by our new, upgraded system. However, this can only detect ads placed on the new site, rather than ones that were already there. Once these ads expire, you will notice a significant drop in the number of scam ads.

For now, please report any suspicious looking ads you see to and they will remove them accordingly.

Advert Migration
After placing an ad, or making changes, you may notice that its status is marked as ‘In Moderation’. This means your ad is being checked by our support team to see make sure it’s authentic. Don’t worry… we’re not saying that you’re a scammer! It’s just part of our new moderation system to reduce suspicious activity on the site. This process shouldn’t take long and your ad should be up within the hour.

We hope this has helped your experience of buying and selling on the Island a little easier! If you have any questions, comment below or email Thanks!

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