The Fitness Factory, which opened in 1984, is located in Newport, Isle of Wight.  It has a dance studio for classes and three gym areas with traditional equipment and a definite retro feel – no flashing lights or computer/TV screens!


The first gym is a fitness area with concept rowing machines, step climbers, bikes, treadmills and a cross trainer together with lower back and ‘ab’ stations, along with multi-gym style pin & stck resistance machines.

In a separate section there are two further gyms; the first is set up with all leg resistance machines – squat rack, leg press, leg abductor, extension, curl and calf machines.  There are also Olympic bench presses and an area for deadlift.


The other area is for upper body / bodybuilding – equipped with a full rack of dumbbells up to 60 kg, flat, incline and decline benches, two smith machines, two lat pull-down x-overs, T-bar row, preacher benches and a triceps French press machine.  Also in this area is a disc convergent lever chest press and some shoulder press machines.

The owner of the Fitness Factory, Steve Milton has been there since its inception.  Steve is a senior NABBA and BAWLA weight-training instructor, Shape/YMCA fitness leader, BACPR Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation instructor and is also a Registered Osteopath.


Beginner’s gym instruction can be arranged by appointment with Steve.  With his specialist knowledge and over 35 years’ experience, Steve can also help guide the more advanced power-lifter or bodybuilder, as well as give programs for weight loss or special requirements to those with orthopaedic or cardiovascular medical issues.  Steve also teaches circuit training for fitness on Monday evenings for those who prefer to exercise with others in a gym-based class environment.


The age range of Fitness Factory customers range to mid-teens to mid-80s, with both males and females of all ages in between.

The dance Studio has several classes on offer with long standing, qualified and very experienced instructors;

  • Lyn Smith – teaches Bums & Tums, step Bums & Tums, and Bodypump exercise to music classes during weekdays and evenings.  She also teaches Heart Care classes weekdays and Friday evening.

  • Mark Elliott, 6th Dan Black Belt – teaches Shotokan Karate to juniors from age 6 to adult.  Beginners and advanced classes available.  He also teaches ‘Ghost’ – an elusive striking system martial art.

  • Denise Palmer – teaches Freestyle dance to students age 4 upwards who regularly win trophies and medals at mainland competitions whilst having fun too.

  • Michelle, of Starlight Boutique – teaches primary school age ballet weekly during school term.

  • Karen, of Carisbrooke Gymnastics Club – teaches pre-school age gymnastics weekly in school term.


Also on site there is a light refreshment/snack bar selling tea, coffer, juice, water, Lucozade, etc; also protein bars, shakes and powder.  There is a sunbed room for those wishing to top up their tan and saunas located in both the ladies and gents changing rooms for a deep cleanse and relaxation.

Massage and osteopathic treatment is offered in a private treatment room for neck, back or shoulder injuries, or general aches and pains.  There is a small car park on site and a large public car park a few minutes’ walk away.

For further information on any of the classes or services available, visit our website or phone (01983) 528149. 

The Fitness Factory, 1a Portland Street, Newport, Isle of Wight,  PO30 1QQ


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