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Christmas is on the horizon and although many dread the expense of the festive season it’s also a great time to make a bit of extra money. Selling your unloved items not only clears out your home in time for when relatives visit, but can actually help pay for your Christmas costs. The below items are our most in-demand gifts of 2015, and it may surprise you just what they are…


Games consoles

Although it may be no surprise that consoles feature at the top of many people’s Christmas lists, what might is that the very latest isn’t always what people are after. Many find the Xbox 360 to be equal in entertainment value to it’s younger sibling, the Xbox One. On top of this, people know that they can pick up a second-hand Xbox 360 fairly easily at a cheaper price; which overall makes them extremely good value for money and a highly desired gift. If you’ve already upgraded to a newer console, you might have an Xbox 360 gathering dust on the shelf. With the average selling price of one on Wightbay being £50 (and even more if you include games and controllers) it might be the easiest money you’ve ever made!


Retro gaming consoles have also never been more popular, with teenagers and adults wanting to recapture their childhood gaming memories. Consoles like the N64, SNES, Sega Megadrive and Playstation are favourites and you’ll be surprised at the sort of money you can get for them.



If you bought a bike once with all the best intentions but it’s now languishing in your garage or shed then Christmas is the perfect time to get back some of the money you spent on it. Cycling is extremely popular and many are looking to get into it without having to spend the huge amount of money buying a decent brand new bike incurs. Whether you have a mountain bike or a vintage-style one they’re all in demand as they make perfect Christmas presents – and with the selling price of bikes for adults on Wightbay start at £50 it’s well worth placing an ad.


Children’s bikes are also in high demand at this time of year – so if your little one has out-grown theirs now’s a better time than ever to sell it on! Kids’ bikes start at £20, but higher-end models and bikes in a like-new condition can fetch much more.


Musical Instruments

Learning to play an instrument is a worthwhile but extremely time-consuming hobby – if you find you just can’t commit to it anymore then selling your instrument of choice is a good way to recuperate some of the money you invested. You can also get money back on any accessories you’ve bought like sheet music, stands and straps.



Pianos are particularly popular and the good thing is that, even if your piano is in a poor condition, people are happy to pay money for it and fix it up themselves. And because all of the people browsing Wightbay live on the Island, they can simply come round and collect your piano at a time that suits you. Keyboards are also in high demand as people often want to give playing the piano a go without the hefty investment of an acoustic one. Quality pre-owned keyboards have a selling price starting at £45 and professional standard ones can fetch far more.


Popular Christmas Gifts

These aren’t the only gifts in high demand – gadgets like the iPhone, iPads and various laptops prove incredibly popular around the festive season. So if you like to keep up-to-date with your technology and have some older models lying around why not see what you can get for them?


Other entertainment items for the home like pool tables and particularly TVs are also topping Christmas lists, particularly as the whole family can enjoy them. Televisions in a like-new condition with the original packaging can get you hundreds of pounds, so if you have one you never use it’s well worth see how much you could get.

Have other items languishing unloved in your home? Place an ad today and see what sort of money you could make. It’s 100% FREE so you have nothing to lose!