Beat those January blues with these amazing and practical upcycling ideas!


Most of us tend to throw things away when we don’t need them – furniture, burned out candles, bottles, cutlery, and so forth. But would you still do that if you could convert them into something of use? Of course you wouldn’t! This is called upcycling, which is “the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental use.” Now that Christmas is over and the January blues have truly set it, here are some ideas for turning those unwanted items into things that are, quite frankly, awesome!


  1. Transform toilet paper tubes into a wire organiser.

If you’re always losing your wires – or even worse, they’re getting tangled – why not use toilet paper tubes to organise them? All you’ll need is, well, toilet paper tubes (and a box)!


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  1. Use a CD/DVD case to hold your bagel.

You’ll never have to buy (square) tupperware again with this handy upcycle. Plus the circular shape means your bagel won’t get squashed!


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  1. Turn an empty glass jar into a change box.


We’re all concerned about money after Christmas, so why not try and save a little by turning an old jam jar into a money pot. Put in a pound a day and by the end of January you will have a little extra money to spend!

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  1. Turn a wine bottle into a centerpiece

Either recycle it or upcycle it! When you’ve finished that tasty bottle of red, wash it out and put some flowers in it to make a pretty centerpiece. If you’re feeling especially creative you can add your own designs to it!


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  1. Transform your finished milk bottle into a watering pot.

If you’re in need of a watering can and want to upcycle something into one, a milk jar is your answer! All you need to do is poke holes in the top!


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  1. Turn three 2 litre bottles into a broom.

Your home will never be dusty again with this upcycle – and it looks a lot cooler than a typical broom! All you need for this one is three 2 litre bottles and a long stick/pole.


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So there you have it – six great upcycling ideas! If you decide to make any of these please show us the results in the comments section below – we’d love to see how creative you can be with an everyday object!