Adult learning courses – an introduction:

If you are living on the Isle of Wight and are in need of a change of career then why not consider going back to school? Well, not school. But, there are a wide variety of brilliant options for adult learning courses. Whether you need a change of job, or you just want to learn a new skill or hobby, an adult learning course is exactly what you need.

Adult learning courses

This blog post is split into two sections. The first being the types of courses that are available in colleges around the Island and the second giving some examples of the courses offered. So, what are you waiting for!? Scroll down now and see what takes your fancy!


Part 1: What is the best type of course for me?


You can decide to go on a course that is short or long, intense or introductory – the possibilities really are endless. So, why not try an adult learning course at an educational establishment near you? Here are few of the different types of course that are available to you.


Introductory courses
These tend to be smaller courses that are often free. They are meant for getting you back into learning or are often a taster for a longer running course that you are thinking of taking part in. When it comes to introductory courses you can find anything from belly dancing to mechanics.

Intense courses
Intense courses are similar in a sense to weekend courses, but they will require you to be more committed and attend a few evenings a week and sometimes a few days on the weekend too. They last a set period of time but see you in the classroom learning for a larger amount of hours a week than an introductory or weekend course.


Night classes
Night classes often run alongside academic periods, so they can be from autumn to winter, winter to spring or spring to summer. There a wide variety of night classes available from language courses to cookery and more. These are often run a few evenings a week, which makes them perfect for people who want to learn a new skill whilst also attending their day job. People who are in full time work often opt for night classes or weekend courses if they are thinking of attending an adult learning course.

Short courses
These are, obviously, shorter than other courses and can see you popping in for an intense amount of hours spread over a very short period of time. They give you a great insight into a skill or hobby and tend to last no longer than a week, however, they can see you popping in every day or evening during that week. They are aimed at people who can’t commit to turning up once or twice a week for three months, but who can come in and take part in the course for three or four days in a row.

Weekend courses
These courses last the weekend and offer more intense training in a fun and relaxed environment. They are always looking into a specific skill and are especially popular for crafts, corsetry and cobbling and other creative hobbies. However, you can also undertake weekend courses in more practical things from maths to physics and much much more. These courses tend to run over a period of time with you attending every weekend.

Part time courses
Part time courses often run for a couple of days a week and are best suited for people who are thinking of changing their career and they offer you the chance to make the transition between the two as you can learn whilst still earning money doing a part time job. Then, when you are ready to move into the career you have trained for, you can simply quit your part time earner and be ready to get stuck into your new life.

Online courses (degrees and beyond)
Online courses are becoming more and more utilised by adult learners as they offer you the chance to get to grips with a topic from the comfort of your own home, or in the cafe round the corner. Though they don’t offer you as much of an insight as other adult learning courses, but they do have some fantastic online tutorials, lectures and interactive communities that can make learning online easy, flexible and fun.

Distance learning
Distance learning means that you’re sent projects, assignments and work to complete at home, are required to attended a lecture at a local institutes once or twice and you can convene with you tutor by phone or e-mail. This is ideal for anyone interested in home learning.

Full time postgraduate studies
A continuation of your degree, check out local universities to see what they offer and the flexibility of their hours. Post Grad studies usually involve you lecturing or tutoring as well so they demand your full attention. This means that you won’t really be able to hold down a job whilst attending your studies, which means you will need to think about the financial impact that it may have on your life. Generic viagra made in USA from viagra online drugstore.

Full time undergraduate studies
If you don’t have a degree, or you want to start again then you could go for a simple classic degree which can be as varied as you like. Don’t be under the impression that uni is just for youngster and twenty something’s. You’re never too old to go and as they say – youth is wasted on the young. The same could be said for education.

If you are thinking of undertaking an adult learning course then why not try the Isle of Wight College?
The Isle of Wight College

The Isle of Wight College has a national reputation for providing outstanding teaching and learning and has many first class facilities. It has been inspected by Ofsted and graded as “Outstanding”; it holds the prestigious Beacon College status for excellence and innovation in education; has some of the most inspiring teachers with an excellent results record and a vibrant and lively environment.Website:


Part 2: What sort of courses can I take? Wightbay’s Top 5…


1. Craft classes 
The Isle of Wight has a great arts and crafts community, so it’s no wonder that craft classes are always popular. From stained glass panel making to knitting, ceramics to card making, there’s a craft for everyone. We love craft classes because not only do they teach you new skills but most of the time you get to take something home that you’ve created.


2. Drawing classes
Remember how much you loved drawing as a kid? No matter how scared of pencil and paper you may be, there are plenty of drawing classes out there to help you shake off those inhibitions and learn some basic techniques and inspirational tricks to get you into the creative groove. If you’re lucky enough to have the rudimentary artistic skills already, why not enroll yourself into an intermediate class to progress to the next step?


3. Photography classes
If you prefer to capture the beauty around you using a camera rather than a pencil, as so many of us do, then another popular set of courses could be for you. Photography has always been a popular hobby, whether in the form of digital photography or traditional dark room development. From learning the essential skills to developing those you already have, having the knowledge of photography under your belt is a skill to be proud of.


4. Language classes
Ours is a multicultural and international world, so it’s no wonder that language courses are some of the most popular evening and weekend courses. Whether you fancy learning Spanish to prepare you for living abroad in retirement, or want to broaden your business horizons by learning Mandarin or Japanese, there’s bound to be a language class out there offering what you’re looking for.


5. Intermediary IT classes
As knowing your way round a computer becomes more and more important in everyday life, so the popularity of IT evening and weekend course has increased. Whether you need to get to grips with the workings of Microsoft Office, want to brush up on the basic skills you already have, or get to grips with a specific programme, there are plenty of adult community learning courses out there to help you on your way.