It’s fast approaching that time of year again! We love to put our creative DIY hats on for Halloween, whether it’s creating last minute make-shift costumes or carving out creepy pumpkins. These nifty upcycled decorations will turn your house into a spooktacular playground for all the family to enjoy. All of this is done inexpensively, but will look professionally done when finished.


1. Boo Bottles


For our first instalment you just need to follow five simple steps: Firstly, raid through your recycling to find the necessary glass bottles to create the ghosts, it’ s important to remove all labels from the bottles. Spray paint the bottles until they are an opaque white, then draw whatever scary faces you want on with a black marker. For the finishing touch add some colourful straws in to make a spooktacular centrepiece. Via InstaCraft

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2. Dangling Bats and Ghosts


One of the more simple upcycles, but one of the best! Get your kids involved with this one as your turn your everyday egg cartons into hanging bats. Just cut, paint and add any accessory you like to add to the spooky effect, our favourite are the googly eyes shown in the picture. In addition you can make Halloween ghosts by painting leaves white, then simply drawing a scary face with a marker pen! Via Happy Clippings



3. Ancient Mummy Front Door


First impressions are the most important, you’ll be sure to get your Halloween started on the right note with this gem. Firstly, tape paper streamers to your door, making sure you overlap them to give a wrapped up look. To make eyes, cut up sheets of black and white paper into circles but remember to tape them on. Via Honey and Fitz




4. Graveyard Garden


Turn your garden into a creepy cemetery with this. Draw out tombstone shapes onto cardboard, rectangular, crosses and oval shapes work best. Then cut out the shapes you have created, paint them grey and once the paint has dried, for added spooky effect draw on some messages such as ‘RIP’. To make sure your tombstones stand up in the garden glue a wooden or plastic stake to the back of it to plant in the grass. Via Money Crashers.



5. Spooky Ghost Trail


Save up your old milk bottles and transform them into a ghost lit walkway. Cut a hole in the bottom of each milk jug, draw on whatever kind of spooky faces you wish in marker pen and line the bottles up making a pathway. Make sure where you cut a hole at the bottom of each bottle you place a lit artificial candle so to light up the bottles as if they are lanterns. Via Money Crashers



6. Crazy Laboratory Jars


Convert your table into a spooky scientist’s laboratory, use you old leftover glass jars. Fill them with food colouring and add anything you think will add a spooky effect, our favourites are plastic fingers, eyeballs and insects. Switch over your normal light bulbs with coloured ones to maximise the creepiness of your home! Via Money Crashers



7. Candy Coffin Surprises

U7These candy coffin boxes are always a huge hit, so well worth the effort involved. You will need small coffin shaped boxes, similar sized skeletons and spiders along with glue, paint and other crafting tools! The first thing you do paint the skeletons and spiders a silver shade, wait for them to dry, then glue onto top off coffins to your own preference. Once that is done, line the coffins with tissue paper, and then place truffles and sweets on top of the tissue paper, creating a wonderful candy coffin Via All You


8. Trick Or Treat Tree

U8Probably our most impressive addition, for this one you’ll need a Styrofoam cone, a long piece of ribbon, glue, lots of sweets and fake cobwebs. It is a simple concept, wrap the cone from head to toe in ribbon and glue it on to make sure it stays. Secondly, starting from the bottom, glue your sweets to your design, be as imaginative as you like, creating all kinds of different patterns until the cone is covered. Finally, wrap a final layer of cobweb on your piece, it is Halloween after all. Via All You




9. Spooky Sizeable Spiders


Scare the living daylights out of your guests with these monster spiders. All you need to do is blow up a balloon, cover it in paper mache and leave to dry. Once dry, pop the inner balloon and paint your invention black, again allow it to dry. Finally use glue to stick on the body parts of your spider, including pipe cleaner legs, feathers for hair and rhinestones eyes. Via All You




10. Luxurious Black Dahlia Flowers

U10For the more classy Halloweeners out there, take your flowers into a safe spacious room like a garage. Spray the flowers in black paint and allow time to dry, dab sections of the flowers in glue and dip them in glitter to give the sparkling effect, if you fancy, attach fake jewels to the flower with a glue gun for the more luxurious look. Place the flowers in a vase and you have yourself a wonderful centrepiece for a spooky evening ahead. Via All You




We hope that helps!

It won’t be long until you’ll be filled from head to toe with the Halloween spirit, hopefully this article will give you a few ideas on how you can cover your house in decorations on a budget. Many of the items needed you may find lying around in your house, but those you cannot get your hands on you can find on the Wightbay website.