Change your home scene for 2017

Give your home a new look for the new year without breaking the bank. Ever thought of using your creativity to revamp your home? Upcycling, the process of converting old materials into something useful again, is a great way to freshen up your home and as you’re reusing and recycling, it prevents excessive waste too! Catching onto this trend, a lot of furniture shops are selling vintage looking, upcycled items that can cost a fortune. Recreate these expensive items yourself with a bit of creativity and effort.  Get stuck in with a fun weekend project for you and your family!

If you need some inspiration to get your upcycling project kick-started, here are some easy ideas to get you upcycling your home!

Turn a Mason jar into a foaming soap dispenser


Don’t we all have a few mason jars lying around at home somewhere? A mason jar is simply decorative with the way it looks. You can replace the lid with a pump dispenser, and it will instantly become more appealing than the cheap plastic bottles that come with the soap. The Mason jar’s metal lid will naturally rust, but you can clean and seal it with some nail polish to prevent rusting.

Turn candle jars into storage


After you have burned out your favourite candle, you can use the container for storage of small items like Q-tips and cotton pads. You will need to put the jar in the freezer, and then you can easily remove the waxy residue when it is frozen. Rinse the jar thoroughly and peel off the label for a cleaner look. You can keep the original lid, and screw in a cabinet knob on top to make it even prettier.

Wine bottles made into glitter vases


Empty wine bottles can be reused in so many ways, especially as flower vases. You can paint the bottles in a solid colour, and then dip the bottom part in glitter to recreate the look in the above picture. Having some flowers displayed elegantly around the house is a pleasant way to start your day in the morning.

Hang a chair upside down


Perhaps you have a broken wooden chair lying around? You can keep the back of the chair and a few inches of the seat, repaint it into a colour you like, and then mount it onto the wall upside down. The bottom of the seat is now a shelf, and the rungs become a perfect towel rack. Simple and effective!

Turn old drawers into shelves


If you are throwing away a wardrobe, you can redecorate the drawers to create small shelves! You can glue paper collage to the base of the drawers or paint them to spruce up their look. Then you can mount the drawers on the wall, and turn them into unique storage space for your amenities. You can also attach small hooks to the drawers which you can hang small items from, like a hair brush.

Patch tablecloths into a shower curtain


If you have some decorative tablecloths, fabrics or even bed sheets that you no longer use, you can stitch them up in the patterns you like to create a unique shower curtain. You will need to mark the eyelet holes on your finished patchwork with a curtain liner first. Get a small piece of fleece with a hole cut in the middle to fit the eyelet tool, put it on top of your patchwork, and hammer the eyelet into the fabric. At the end, you can tie yarn into each eyelet and then it’s ready to hang!

Use pallet as hanging art


Wooden pallet makes a great canvas. Let your inner artist out, and paint the pallet with designs or inspirational quotes. When you have your finished art piece, hang it in a visible place so your work can be admired.

There are so many ways you can upcycle all sorts of materials and create something unique and new for your home! If you fancy some new pieces for your home to change up your home scene for 2017, upcycling is a fun, free & creative way to do so! These upcycling ideas would make a great project to work on yourself or with family and friends – plus, you’re helping the environment by recycling materials!

This article was written by Sam Socorro from Clearwells in collaboration with Wightbay. She has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specialises in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

4 things to do on the Isle of Wight this Christmas

Guest blog by Isle of Wight Guru

On a chilly day earlier this year we headed over for a stroll along Sandown beach. As I recall, I was wearing the kind of outfit you might go skiing in, whilst my daughter had so many layers on she was almost spherical.

We gawped in wonder at the other family on the beach who were carrying on as if it was a blazing August day. The dad was stripped down to his pants and was enthusiastically digging an enormous hole with such speed that the family dog was struggling to keep up. The children were similarly clothed and were chasing a ball around the beach.

We looked at each other with quiet admiration at their ability to ignore the weather and carry on regardless.


Unless you are similarly inclined to spend whole days on the beach this Christmas, you might be looking for slightly warmer activities on the Isle of Wight. Here are four worth considering:

Santa Specials at Isle of Wight Steam Railway

We all know the story of Rudolph the Red Nose Alpaca, who helps Santa deliver his Christmas gifts from his base at Havenstreet. OK, so there may have been one or two minor adjustments to the Christmas traditions, but the Santa Specials get rave reviews. Tickets cost £9 – £18 and include a present from Father Christmas as well as a ride on the Santa Special train. There are also Christmas markets, music and magic shows.

Christmas at Osborne

You can take your pick from a couple of Christmas events at Osborne. At the start of December they’ve got a Victorian Christmas weekend where you can have a go on a carousel, try out some traditional games and get a whiff of roasting chestnuts. During various dates in November and December, you can either take a Christmas themed tour of the house, or if you prefer you can experience life as a servant at Osborne. Thankfully the servant experience involves exploring the house and seeing how the rooms were decorated for Queen Victoria, rather than sweeping the floors and emptying bedpans.

The Spectacular 20th Brightstone Christmas Tree Festival

I’m including this one for my mother, who practically camps outside St. Mary’s Church in Brighstone waiting for the Christmas Tree Festival to start. Now in its 20th year, it involves seven venues with 200 trees on display in Mottistone Church, the Isle of Wight Pearl and at various sites in Brighstone. Such is its popularity that this year they’re offering a free Park and Ride with a shuttle bus from Isle of Wight Pearl. By 2017 it’ll be bigger than Bestival with thousands of Christmas tree fans bringing the Island to a standstill and residents complaining of excessive noise caused by the hum of a million sets of fairy lights. You can find the full programme on the website.

Cowes Christmas Festival

The Cowes Christmas Festival takes place a week before the big day, so it’s ideal for people like me who struggle to think about presents until the shopping days are down to single figures. They’ve got cookery demonstrations, dozens of stalls, Christmas crafts and live music. Most importantly if you are trying to drag a small child away from the TV – they’ve also got Santa’s grotto.


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4 days out with toddlers in the depths of winter

Guest blog by Isle of Wight Guru

If you stand on the high point of St Boniface Down in early November you can just about hear the collective sigh of relief as the majority of the Island’s tourism attractions close for the winter. Ice cream sellers pack up their sprinkles, ride operators give their final safety talk and deckchair renters can finally sit down.

For residents and the few hardy winter visitors, there are still several decent days out with toddlers. Here are four of them:

Tapnell Farm Parktapnell

I’m sure soft play was never a thing when I was three foot tall. My memories of playing as a toddler involved squeaky swings and being sat on by my brother, rather than ball pools and huge drop slides. I’ve got to admit though, I love a day out at Tapnell Farm and will be terribly grumpy when I can no longer use my daughter as an excuse for messing around in the play area.

Some bits of it are outside, but there’s enough indoors to fill a few hours and the coffee is strong enough to keep sleep-deprived parents going until bedtime.

Kite flying

I recently fulfilled a childhood ambition when I reached the end of the string with our kite. Admittedly it was a Winnie the Pooh kite rather than a pro stunt kite with three miles of string, but I still felt like the coolest dad in the park as the bright yellow tail fluttered away in the distance. There are several good kiteflying spots on the Isle of Wight. I favour Yaverland or Appley at low tide. High points like Culver Down and Tennyson Down are certainly windy but there’s always a slight risk of running off a cliff, which might put a dampener on the day.

Isle of Wight Zoo

Animal parks tend to stay open all year round, since they don’t have the option of only employing the animals in the sunny months. I fear the Health and Safety brigade would object to half a dozen tigers being released into Sandown High Street in November and then being recaptured at Easter. Honestly, some people are such party poopers.

Isle of Wight Zoo makes a decent attempt to keep smaller visitors entertained with a simple ink stamping game every time you see a new animal. Needless to say, my daughter doesn’t remember seeing any of the magnificent tigers or lions but does remember collecting a full sheet of stamps.


Amazon World

Another animal-related day out in the depths of winter is Amazon World, which doesn’t have tigers and lions, but does has a few more flappy and slimy things than Isle of Wight Zoo. There are armadillos, meerkats, flamingos and plenty of creatures with amusing names including the White Throated Laughing Thrush and the Lesser Hairy Armadillo. They offer free returns within 7 days, although they draw the line at you moving into the rainforest for the whole week just to keep warm.

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How to waste time on an Isle of Wight car journey

Guest blog by Isle of Wight Guru 

Let’s be honest, Isle of Wight roads are not great. If I were an estate agent I’d describe them as ‘oozing character’ but if I was being more honest I’d say they were wiggly, windy and occasionally nauseating. A trip on the top deck of an open top bus around the South Wight is bordering on white-knuckle.

Over the years we’ve developed various games to distract us from the swerves and bumps, including one we like to call ‘Mainland v Island’.

You might think from the name that it involves shouting abuse and waving aggressively at mainlanders, but it’s actually very gentile.

IMG_6688 - Copy

Start off by choosing whether you will represent the Island or Mainland. Whoever has lived on the Island longer gets to choose (unless you have a stroppy child in the car, in which case they get their way, obviously).

Next, pick a destination which will be the finish line. So, for example, if you wanted a game that would last for 25 minutes then you might choose a destination that was three quarters of a mile away.

The game is simple – every time you see a moving car starting HW or ending DL, the Island representative gets a point. Any other number plate gives a point to the mainland representative.

There’s a thrilling twist though – a personalised number plate containing IW or IOW provides 10 bonus points to the Islander. These rare specimens are generally seen on the fronts of BMWs and 4x4s the size of tanks, although you do occasionally see an old dear in a Honda Jazz with an ETHEL IW plate.

We’ve found it works best on quieter driving routes around the West Wight and South Wight. Attempting to play it on Coppins Bridge in summer is far tIMG_6661 - Copyoo exhausting. 

The outcome of the game is strongly influenced by the seasons. In the depths of winter, the Island representative generally wipes the floor. In the height of summer, when the roof boxes are out in force (including mine), the mainlanders nearly always win.

The most exciting time of year to play is Spring or Autumn when a single personalised plate can turn a game on its head.

Maybe I should find myself a proper hobby…

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5 Best Bits from Bestival 2016

Bestival is just the BEST, isn’t it? Jokes aside, we thoroughly enjoyed ending an epic festival season in true momentous spirit right here on our beautiful island. The Isle of Wight was catapulted into the future thanks to this year’s funky, metallic hi-tec ‘the future is here’ theme with so many mesmerising performances and dazzling artists to entertain us. It was tough, but we’ve handpicked our best bits from Bestival 2016.. do you agree?

1. Futuristic Fancy Dressfancy dress bestival

‘The Future is here’ theme beckons skin-tight metallic suits and bright neon face paint galore… and the festival goers certainly didn’t hold back for the last chance to go all out ridiculous with their fancy dress for the last festival of the season! We particularly enjoyed this futuristic fancy dress advice – with the inclusion of garlic bread as a suggestion…! 

2. Camp Bestival

A way of re-living and extending all the nostalgia from pre-parenthood festival memories and embracing the children into it! From luxury bell tents and pre-pitched tents in Pitch Village to full-on bring your own and do it yourself options, there was something to suit all families. We loved this first-hand account of official 2016 Camp Bestival blogger, and family festival enthusiast, Ruth’s experience

3. The Site!

Colourful and beautifully decorated with more than just your average tents! The creative minds behind the festival really went the extra mile this year with tents including oak floored safari tents and, our personal favourite, the Bollywood tent – it looks incredible and really brings the party atmosphere to life! With elephant heads, silk umbrellas and the signature Bollywood Cocktail Bus… what’s not to love?! You would hardly even know these are tents… 


4. The Big C’s

The Cure, the return of Craig David, and Crystal Fighters all pulled in huge crowds with some unforgettable performances. Thousands of Bestival goers unified in their love of this unique festival and how it continues to take risks and reach out with its music, all singing along to Crystal Fighters’ I Love London in the early hours of Saturday morning… a special moment.


5. Sing-along Songs

Whether you were screaming at the top of your lungs in your wellies with the thousands of other festival-ites or envisioning yourself on stage from the comfort of your own living room, there were some belters on show at Bestival 2016 that you just can’t help but sing along with. We love this selection of some of the best sing-along songs from the 2016 line-up. Now that it’s all over for another year (don’t remind us…) we’ll definitely be singing along to some of the performance footage to relive this year’s amazing event. Happy singing and until next year! 

Wightbay’s new opening hours! (APRIL FOOLS!)


We have a very big announcement for all you Wightbay users today – we are implementing opening hours on the website. For a trial period, we have decided to only let you use the website between the hours of 9am – 5pm on weekdays, with it being closed completely on weekends.

Why are we doing this? Well, it’s simple really – we want people to spend more time with their families, our staff included. If you try to access the website after hours and on weekends, you will be prompted with a polite message reminding you that you cannot use the website.

Billy Humphreys, Marketing Manager at Wightbay, said: “Family time is something we’ve forgotten about in the digital age.

“Too many people get home from work or school and instead of spending time talking to their loved ones, they are spending it on their electronic devices.

“It’s simple – we don’t want Wightbay to be associated with such a culture. We are passionate about family time here at Wightbay, hence the new opening hours.”

When will it start? Well, from 5pm this evening the website will be closed until 9am Monday, so if you were planning on placing an ad, you better do it quickly!

If you currently have a live ad on the website, it’s expiry date will not be affected by the closure – i.e. if your ad has 25 days left until expiry today, it will have 24 days left on expiry on Monday.

We hope you appreciate this new trial period and we hope you use the time to spend it with your loved ones.

What do you think? Are you glad about the change? Let us know by tweeting us @Wightbay or by commenting below!

How to use the new Wightbay

Finding your perfect items on the new Wightbay

Desktop Search
There are several ways to easily find a particular item:

Using the main menu
– Simply click on the section in the top menu to go to straight to that part of the site. From there you can scroll down to find the relevant subsection. Alternatively, if you hover over a section on the top navigation menu you’ll reveal its subsections and from there you can narrow down your search.

Using the main search box
– Here you can type your search directly into the search box. The search bar will suggest items and categories for you to narrow down your search.

Using the search icons
– Alternatively, you can select a category using the icons below the main image.You can click into each of these to explore each section further.

Mobile Search
Again, there  are a number of ways to search on mobile:

Section thumbnails
– Firstly, you can click section thumbnails below the search bar to go directly to the section’s landing page. From there you can scroll downto a relevant subsection.

Navigation icon
– Or you can click on the navigation icon in the top left corner and from there you can select a relevant section.

Search Bar
– Thirdly you can type in the item you are looking for in the search bar. The search bar will suggest items and categories for you to narrow down your search.

Browsers issues
Some people have experienced an issue where Wightbay isn’t loading or displaying correctly.  The good news is that this isn’t a site issue and there’s an easy fix. Simply refreshing the page should correct any issues – to do this press the control & F5 buttons on your keyboard.

If this doesn’t work then you may need to reset your browser’s cookies and website data. A simple guide on how to do this for various browsers can be found here.

Problems with scam or fake adverts
We continue to battle against people placing scam/fake adverts on our site. Any that remain on the site and were not noticed by our old moderation system will be detected by our new, upgraded system. However, this can only detect ads placed on the new site, rather than ones that were already there. Once these ads expire, you will notice a significant drop in the number of scam ads.

For now, please report any suspicious looking ads you see to [email protected] and they will remove them accordingly.

Advert Migration
After placing an ad, or making changes, you may notice that its status is marked as ‘In Moderation’. This means your ad is being checked by our support team to see make sure it’s authentic. Don’t worry… we’re not saying that you’re a scammer! It’s just part of our new moderation system to reduce suspicious activity on the site. This process shouldn’t take long and your ad should be up within the hour.

We hope this has helped your experience of buying and selling on the Island a little easier! If you have any questions, comment below or email [email protected] Thanks!

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A guide to adult learning courses on the Isle of Wight

Adult learning courses – an introduction:

If you are living on the Isle of Wight and are in need of a change of career then why not consider going back to school? Well, not school. But, there are a wide variety of brilliant options for adult learning courses. Whether you need a change of job, or you just want to learn a new skill or hobby, an adult learning course is exactly what you need.

Adult learning courses

This blog post is split into two sections. The first being the types of courses that are available in colleges around the Island and the second giving some examples of the courses offered. So, what are you waiting for!? Scroll down now and see what takes your fancy!


Part 1: What is the best type of course for me?


You can decide to go on a course that is short or long, intense or introductory – the possibilities really are endless. So, why not try an adult learning course at an educational establishment near you? Here are few of the different types of course that are available to you.


Introductory courses
These tend to be smaller courses that are often free. They are meant for getting you back into learning or are often a taster for a longer running course that you are thinking of taking part in. When it comes to introductory courses you can find anything from belly dancing to mechanics.

Intense courses
Intense courses are similar in a sense to weekend courses, but they will require you to be more committed and attend a few evenings a week and sometimes a few days on the weekend too. They last a set period of time but see you in the classroom learning for a larger amount of hours a week than an introductory or weekend course.


Night classes
Night classes often run alongside academic periods, so they can be from autumn to winter, winter to spring or spring to summer. There a wide variety of night classes available from language courses to cookery and more. These are often run a few evenings a week, which makes them perfect for people who want to learn a new skill whilst also attending their day job. People who are in full time work often opt for night classes or weekend courses if they are thinking of attending an adult learning course.

Short courses
These are, obviously, shorter than other courses and can see you popping in for an intense amount of hours spread over a very short period of time. They give you a great insight into a skill or hobby and tend to last no longer than a week, however, they can see you popping in every day or evening during that week. They are aimed at people who can’t commit to turning up once or twice a week for three months, but who can come in and take part in the course for three or four days in a row.

Weekend courses
These courses last the weekend and offer more intense training in a fun and relaxed environment. They are always looking into a specific skill and are especially popular for crafts, corsetry and cobbling and other creative hobbies. However, you can also undertake weekend courses in more practical things from maths to physics and much much more. These courses tend to run over a period of time with you attending every weekend.

Part time courses
Part time courses often run for a couple of days a week and are best suited for people who are thinking of changing their career and they offer you the chance to make the transition between the two as you can learn whilst still earning money doing a part time job. Then, when you are ready to move into the career you have trained for, you can simply quit your part time earner and be ready to get stuck into your new life.

Online courses (degrees and beyond)
Online courses are becoming more and more utilised by adult learners as they offer you the chance to get to grips with a topic from the comfort of your own home, or in the cafe round the corner. Though they don’t offer you as much of an insight as other adult learning courses, but they do have some fantastic online tutorials, lectures and interactive communities that can make learning online easy, flexible and fun.

Distance learning
Distance learning means that you’re sent projects, assignments and work to complete at home, are required to attended a lecture at a local institutes once or twice and you can convene with you tutor by phone or e-mail. This is ideal for anyone interested in home learning.

Full time postgraduate studies
A continuation of your degree, check out local universities to see what they offer and the flexibility of their hours. Post Grad studies usually involve you lecturing or tutoring as well so they demand your full attention. This means that you won’t really be able to hold down a job whilst attending your studies, which means you will need to think about the financial impact that it may have on your life.

Full time undergraduate studies
If you don’t have a degree, or you want to start again then you could go for a simple classic degree which can be as varied as you like. Don’t be under the impression that uni is just for youngster and twenty something’s. You’re never too old to go and as they say – youth is wasted on the young. The same could be said for education.

If you are thinking of undertaking an adult learning course then why not try the Isle of Wight College?
The Isle of Wight College

The Isle of Wight College has a national reputation for providing outstanding teaching and learning and has many first class facilities. It has been inspected by Ofsted and graded as “Outstanding”; it holds the prestigious Beacon College status for excellence and innovation in education; has some of the most inspiring teachers with an excellent results record and a vibrant and lively environment.Website:


Part 2: What sort of courses can I take? Wightbay’s Top 5…


1. Craft classes 
The Isle of Wight has a great arts and crafts community, so it’s no wonder that craft classes are always popular. From stained glass panel making to knitting, ceramics to card making, there’s a craft for everyone. We love craft classes because not only do they teach you new skills but most of the time you get to take something home that you’ve created.


2. Drawing classes
Remember how much you loved drawing as a kid? No matter how scared of pencil and paper you may be, there are plenty of drawing classes out there to help you shake off those inhibitions and learn some basic techniques and inspirational tricks to get you into the creative groove. If you’re lucky enough to have the rudimentary artistic skills already, why not enroll yourself into an intermediate class to progress to the next step?


3. Photography classes
If you prefer to capture the beauty around you using a camera rather than a pencil, as so many of us do, then another popular set of courses could be for you. Photography has always been a popular hobby, whether in the form of digital photography or traditional dark room development. From learning the essential skills to developing those you already have, having the knowledge of photography under your belt is a skill to be proud of.


4. Language classes
Ours is a multicultural and international world, so it’s no wonder that language courses are some of the most popular evening and weekend courses. Whether you fancy learning Spanish to prepare you for living abroad in retirement, or want to broaden your business horizons by learning Mandarin or Japanese, there’s bound to be a language class out there offering what you’re looking for.


5. Intermediary IT classes
As knowing your way round a computer becomes more and more important in everyday life, so the popularity of IT evening and weekend course has increased. Whether you need to get to grips with the workings of Microsoft Office, want to brush up on the basic skills you already have, or get to grips with a specific programme, there are plenty of adult community learning courses out there to help you on your way.




Beat those January blues with these amazing upcycling ideas!

Beat those January blues with these amazing and practical upcycling ideas!


Most of us tend to throw things away when we don’t need them – furniture, burned out candles, bottles, cutlery, and so forth. But would you still do that if you could convert them into something of use? Of course you wouldn’t! This is called upcycling, which is “the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental use.” Now that Christmas is over and the January blues have truly set it, here are some ideas for turning those unwanted items into things that are, quite frankly, awesome!


  1. Transform toilet paper tubes into a wire organiser.

If you’re always losing your wires – or even worse, they’re getting tangled – why not use toilet paper tubes to organise them? All you’ll need is, well, toilet paper tubes (and a box)!


Click here to buy toilet paper on Wightbay


  1. Use a CD/DVD case to hold your bagel.

You’ll never have to buy (square) tupperware again with this handy upcycle. Plus the circular shape means your bagel won’t get squashed!


We sell a lot of CDs and DVDs on Wightbay


  1. Turn an empty glass jar into a change box.


We’re all concerned about money after Christmas, so why not try and save a little by turning an old jam jar into a money pot. Put in a pound a day and by the end of January you will have a little extra money to spend!

Click here to buy a jar on Wightbay


  1. Turn a wine bottle into a centerpiece

Either recycle it or upcycle it! When you’ve finished that tasty bottle of red, wash it out and put some flowers in it to make a pretty centerpiece. If you’re feeling especially creative you can add your own designs to it!


Click here to see what antiques and collectables we have on Wightbay


  1. Transform your finished milk bottle into a watering pot.

If you’re in need of a watering can and want to upcycle something into one, a milk jar is your answer! All you need to do is poke holes in the top!


Click here to check out the gardening section on Wightbay


  1. Turn three 2 litre bottles into a broom.

Your home will never be dusty again with this upcycle – and it looks a lot cooler than a typical broom! All you need for this one is three 2 litre bottles and a long stick/pole.


Check out our homeowners section on Wightbay


So there you have it – six great upcycling ideas! If you decide to make any of these please show us the results in the comments section below – we’d love to see how creative you can be with an everyday object!

Fun fitness at The Fitness Factory in Newport!

The Fitness Factory, which opened in 1984, is located in Newport, Isle of Wight.  It has a dance studio for classes and three gym areas with traditional equipment and a definite retro feel – no flashing lights or computer/TV screens!


The first gym is a fitness area with concept rowing machines, step climbers, bikes, treadmills and a cross trainer together with lower back and ‘ab’ stations, along with multi-gym style pin & stck resistance machines.

In a separate section there are two further gyms; the first is set up with all leg resistance machines – squat rack, leg press, leg abductor, extension, curl and calf machines.  There are also Olympic bench presses and an area for deadlift.


The other area is for upper body / bodybuilding – equipped with a full rack of dumbbells up to 60 kg, flat, incline and decline benches, two smith machines, two lat pull-down x-overs, T-bar row, preacher benches and a triceps French press machine.  Also in this area is a disc convergent lever chest press and some shoulder press machines.

The owner of the Fitness Factory, Steve Milton has been there since its inception.  Steve is a senior NABBA and BAWLA weight-training instructor, Shape/YMCA fitness leader, BACPR Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation instructor and is also a Registered Osteopath.


Beginner’s gym instruction can be arranged by appointment with Steve.  With his specialist knowledge and over 35 years’ experience, Steve can also help guide the more advanced power-lifter or bodybuilder, as well as give programs for weight loss or special requirements to those with orthopaedic or cardiovascular medical issues.  Steve also teaches circuit training for fitness on Monday evenings for those who prefer to exercise with others in a gym-based class environment.


The age range of Fitness Factory customers range to mid-teens to mid-80s, with both males and females of all ages in between.

The dance Studio has several classes on offer with long standing, qualified and very experienced instructors;

  • Lyn Smith – teaches Bums & Tums, step Bums & Tums, and Bodypump exercise to music classes during weekdays and evenings.  She also teaches Heart Care classes weekdays and Friday evening.

  • Mark Elliott, 6th Dan Black Belt – teaches Shotokan Karate to juniors from age 6 to adult.  Beginners and advanced classes available.  He also teaches ‘Ghost’ – an elusive striking system martial art.

  • Denise Palmer – teaches Freestyle dance to students age 4 upwards who regularly win trophies and medals at mainland competitions whilst having fun too.

  • Michelle, of Starlight Boutique – teaches primary school age ballet weekly during school term.

  • Karen, of Carisbrooke Gymnastics Club – teaches pre-school age gymnastics weekly in school term.


Also on site there is a light refreshment/snack bar selling tea, coffer, juice, water, Lucozade, etc; also protein bars, shakes and powder.  There is a sunbed room for those wishing to top up their tan and saunas located in both the ladies and gents changing rooms for a deep cleanse and relaxation.

Massage and osteopathic treatment is offered in a private treatment room for neck, back or shoulder injuries, or general aches and pains.  There is a small car park on site and a large public car park a few minutes’ walk away.

For further information on any of the classes or services available, visit our website or phone (01983) 528149. 

The Fitness Factory, 1a Portland Street, Newport, Isle of Wight,  PO30 1QQ


Are you into fitness? We have loads of fitness-related items over on Wightbay! Click here to see what is currently on offer.

We also have a lot of listings for fitness classes and personal training. Click here and see what interests you.