5th & 6th February – See “Development Hell” at Quay Arts, Newport!

Development Hell” is an original play by William Perkins and Jess Norton focusing on two friends, Tim and Michelle. A non-profit production, all proceeds go to the Jack Frost Appeal, who provide the poorest and most vulnerable households on the Island with ability to heat at least one room throughout the winter months…


The performance takes place at Quay Arts in Newport on the 5th and 6th of February, with a preview of the play being held on the 16th January at Ventnor Arts Club. The play focuses on two friends: Michelle, a rich, successful musical writer and Tim, a middle-aged, unsatisfied, barista. However, hope for him comes in the form of his own script which he wants Michelle to read. Soon Michelle realises its potential, wanting the script for herself. They proceed to engage in an emotional battle, using their sinful and immoral pasts to gain ownership of the script, leaving little remnants of their once functional friendship.


The production is in aid of the Jack Frost Appeal – who work towards providing heating for some of the most vulnerable households on the Island. They provide a portable electric heater (if required) AND, most importantly, the cost of running it based on one kilo watt hour (medium heat) for 12 hours a day through the winter. This ‘winter warmth package’ currently costs £150.00.


You can purchase tickets for one of the February performances by going to the Quay Arts website: tickets £7 for adults and £5 for students. Tickets for the preview at Ventnor Arts Club cost £6 for non-members and £4 for members.


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What’s on this Christmas

Christmas is upon us and Islanders don’t need to look far for local events to get them in a festive mood. The Isle of Wight is packed with markets, grottos and more so check out our top picks below and be sure to take a look at our seasonal events section for events happening near you…


Cowes Christmas Fair

Where? Cowes Yacht Haven.

When? 19th & 20th December

What is it? Your opportunity to sample the very best food, drink and gifts the Island has to offer. Highlights include live cookery demonstrations, over 50 arts and crafts stalls from local Island businesses, live music, children’s entertainment and a Santa’s Grotto from Vintage Vacations. Plus the event is absolutely free – what’s not to love?

Find out more: http://www.redfunnel.co.uk/coweschristmas/



Wight Christmas at the Needles

Where? The Needles, Alum Bay.

When? Throughout December, see more details here

What is it? A month of magical entertainment including visits from the real Santa Claus in a Christmas grotto, free children’s rides, free Jurassic golf, free sweet and glass making workshops and of course an elves workshop. Entry to the attraction is free and grotto entry is £5, which includes a quality gift for every child.

Find out more: http://www.visitisleofwight.co.uk/whats-on/wight-christmas-at-the-needles-landmark-attraction-p1121451



Mrs Beeton’s Victorian Christmas

Where? Osborne House, York Avenue, East Cowes.

When? 19th & 20th December (session available throughout the day)

What is it? A great one for kids as it is both educational and entertaining! Ever wanted to know what Christmas was like in a grand Victorian household? Travel back in time to the late 19th Century and join members of Osborne’s household as they prepare for Christmas festivities. Cook in the kitchens with the housekeeper and learn about what it took to run a royal household – as well as how Queen Victoria and her family celebrated Christmas!

Find out more: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/whats-on/mrs-beetons-victorian-christmas-Osb-19-12-2015/



Steam Railway Santa Specials

Where? The Railway Station, Havenstreet, Ryde.

When? Throughout December.

What is it? A wonderful idea for the whole family! Embrace the wonderful festive atmosphere at Havenstreet Station – which has live Christmas music, entertainment and woolly Alpacas. Follow your visit to Father Christmas with a cosy 10-mile round trip through the Island’s winter countryside on a steam train!

Find out more: http://www.iwsteamrailway.co.uk/events/santa-specials.aspx



Ventnor Boxing Day Swim

Where? Ventnor Beach, Ventnor

When? 26th December

What is it? Join over 100 other people braving a swim in the sea! A great way to blast out those lethargic Christmas cobwebs, and why not use this opportunity to raise some money for PATCH – a local cancer charity the helps patients with costs incurred through their illness?

Sponsor forms for the 32nd Boxing Day Swim are available from The Ale and Oyster on Ventnor Esplanade or Inspirations (formaly A and B’s Emporium) High Street Ventnor or by phoning 857174/855519.

Find out more: http://www.visitisleofwight.co.uk/whats-on/ventnor-boxing-day-swim-p1020771

download (2)


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Top games to play with the family at Christmas

These days it’s a rare treat to socialise with our nearest and dearest, which is why family gatherings at Christmas are so special. As well as eating delicious food, and sharing the year’s news, playing games can enhance Christmas Day, Boxing day and that awkward stretch in the run up to New Year. With a little bit of organisation, you can make sure everyone takes part and enjoys some old-fashioned fun. Here are just a few ways to entertain your loved ones this Christmas:



The central idea of charades, which is an age-old game, is miming to an audience who have to guess the title of a book, song, movie or play.. Most families will already know the rules and the different signs that indicate ‘sounds like’, ‘tiny word’, ‘syllables’ etc.

Divide your group into two teams and working in secret, each side comes up with a selection of titles – films, plays, books, songs and TV shows – that the opposition will have to act out. Write them down on paper slips, fold and pop them into Santa hats. So you will have two sets of mime titles to dip into, and points are scored each time a mime is successfully guessed by the watching teams

It’s perfect for all generations and even small children will enjoy watching the grown ups gesticulating wildly, and getting frustrated at not being able to speak. It’s always interesting to see who can master the art of using physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning to another party.

Tried and tested titles that can flummox family member include: The Grapes of Wrath, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Postman Always Rings Twice. Nice easy ones we’d recommend include: Jaws II, Star Wars, Dr Who, Hard Times and Strictly Come Dancing. And for Christmas, how about It’s a Wonderful Life, The Grinch and Home Alone?



Strictly Come Family Dance Off!

Strictly Come Dancing has been central to most households’ winter entertainment in the run up to Christmas, so wouldn’t it be fun to channel some of that energy and diva dance creativity into a lively family competition? Hormonal teenagers may opt to sit this one out, but smaller kids, grown ups and grandparents could have their moment in the spotlight, and work off a few pounds in the process. Either individuals can put on a show and be scored by an in-house judging panel, or you can get into two teams and dance each other off the living room floor. Clear plenty of space, choose cheesy Christmas songs to dance to, put on your Christmas glitz, and get waltzing, jiving, and shimmying in true Strictly style! How about inviting the neighbours round for some inter-family competition?



Christmas Themed Memory Game

Here’s a much calmer game, ideal for a lazy Boxing Day afternoon, or to ease the excitement on Christmas Eve. Younger kids love this memory game, and it’s amazing to see how sharp their memories are! Fill a tray with Christmas-themed objects – say 20 things, like a Christmas card, a carrot,  a tree bauble. Everyone has a really good look for 30 seconds. Then take turns to be tested on memory. If three items have been removed can you remember which are missing? Or simply remove the tray and try and list all the items. Winners get a mince pie or chocolate off the tree!



The Christmas holidays could be the ideal time to teach your children some basic card games. They’re fun and are also great for learning, as card games involve a level of counting and addition. Good games to teach your children when it’s cold outside and the festive excitement is waning, include Rummy, Sevens and Trumps. For some added Christmas cheer, throw in some prizes to make the games worth winning.




Funny Drawings

Kids find this hilarious, but adults with drawing skills will enhance the game too. Everyone has a blank sheet  of paper.  Keeping your own drawing shielded from the other players, in the top third of the paper all draw a head – something funny like an alien, pig, or cross-eyed cowboy. Then roll that top section over so only the neck shows with plenty of space below for the rest of the picture. Pass to the next person and all draw a body to the thighs. Roll down to cover and pass again. All draw funny legs and feet – webbed, hairy, bow-legged ballerina etc. Finally pass on again and open up for a look at the mixed up creatures you have created!


Trivial Pursuit

Here’s a classic Christmas game that always raises the spirits – a glass of mulled wine will help! Released in 1982, Trivial Pursuit is the game with wide ranging questions on history, geography, literature, sport and popular culture. If played late into the night the game can become viciously competitive, and it’s a great way to test your general knowledge. ‘Triv’ can be fun to play in teams to win the famous ‘wedges’ – that way all ages can get involved.




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Cash in This Christmas: Do you have one of 2015’s top gifts?

DIG15123-ChristmasCampaignNovember(HeroPAA2) (2)

Christmas is on the horizon and although many dread the expense of the festive season it’s also a great time to make a bit of extra money. Selling your unloved items not only clears out your home in time for when relatives visit, but can actually help pay for your Christmas costs. The below items are our most in-demand gifts of 2015, and it may surprise you just what they are…


Games consoles

Although it may be no surprise that consoles feature at the top of many people’s Christmas lists, what might is that the very latest isn’t always what people are after. Many find the Xbox 360 to be equal in entertainment value to it’s younger sibling, the Xbox One. On top of this, people know that they can pick up a second-hand Xbox 360 fairly easily at a cheaper price; which overall makes them extremely good value for money and a highly desired gift. If you’ve already upgraded to a newer console, you might have an Xbox 360 gathering dust on the shelf. With the average selling price of one on Wightbay being £50 (and even more if you include games and controllers) it might be the easiest money you’ve ever made!


Retro gaming consoles have also never been more popular, with teenagers and adults wanting to recapture their childhood gaming memories. Consoles like the N64, SNES, Sega Megadrive and Playstation are favourites and you’ll be surprised at the sort of money you can get for them.



If you bought a bike once with all the best intentions but it’s now languishing in your garage or shed then Christmas is the perfect time to get back some of the money you spent on it. Cycling is extremely popular and many are looking to get into it without having to spend the huge amount of money buying a decent brand new bike incurs. Whether you have a mountain bike or a vintage-style one they’re all in demand as they make perfect Christmas presents – and with the selling price of bikes for adults on Wightbay start at £50 it’s well worth placing an ad.


Children’s bikes are also in high demand at this time of year – so if your little one has out-grown theirs now’s a better time than ever to sell it on! Kids’ bikes start at £20, but higher-end models and bikes in a like-new condition can fetch much more.


Musical Instruments

Learning to play an instrument is a worthwhile but extremely time-consuming hobby – if you find you just can’t commit to it anymore then selling your instrument of choice is a good way to recuperate some of the money you invested. You can also get money back on any accessories you’ve bought like sheet music, stands and straps.



Pianos are particularly popular and the good thing is that, even if your piano is in a poor condition, people are happy to pay money for it and fix it up themselves. And because all of the people browsing Wightbay live on the Island, they can simply come round and collect your piano at a time that suits you. Keyboards are also in high demand as people often want to give playing the piano a go without the hefty investment of an acoustic one. Quality pre-owned keyboards have a selling price starting at £45 and professional standard ones can fetch far more.


Popular Christmas Gifts

These aren’t the only gifts in high demand – gadgets like the iPhone, iPads and various laptops prove incredibly popular around the festive season. So if you like to keep up-to-date with your technology and have some older models lying around why not see what you can get for them?


Other entertainment items for the home like pool tables and particularly TVs are also topping Christmas lists, particularly as the whole family can enjoy them. Televisions in a like-new condition with the original packaging can get you hundreds of pounds, so if you have one you never use it’s well worth see how much you could get.

Have other items languishing unloved in your home? Place an ad today and see what sort of money you could make. It’s 100% FREE so you have nothing to lose!

The I Love Wight Christmas Market 2015

I love wight banner

Getting in the Christmas spirit? The I Love Wight Christmas market is the perfect place to get that festive feeling and support local businesses on the Island! Read on to find out more…


The I Love Wight Christmas Market is back celebrating the fabulous produce and crafting talent on the Isle of Wight over the weekend of 27th – 29th November. They will showcase more than 30 of the best local craftspeople, offering original, affordable, hand-made Christmas gifts and treats for all the family.

ILW Xmas 14 1             IMG_20141207_143344

Local businesses exhibiting at the market includes The Wellness Lounge, The Wight Pencil, The Dotty Imaging Company, Wight Fairies and many more! This is the latest in a long line of fantastic markets run by I Love Wight, who are dedicated to promoting products from hard-working Island businesses. Their markets are extremely popular with local people and visitors to the Island alike, so you can be sure that their Christmas market will be bustling with activity and Christmas cheer!


The I Love Wight team are delighted to be back at The Garlic Farm in Newchurch. This well-known venue fits perfectly with their ‘island made’ ethos – with all the garlic goodies in the shop – plus they have plenty of free parking, a wonderful restaurant, the Allium cafe and there will be hot garlic snacks and seasonal drinks too. There will be music, face painting, festive workshops for children, vintage amusements, and Santa will be stopping by to visit too!


The Christmas markets will open 4-8pm on Friday 27th, and from 10-17:00 Saturday and Sunday – the Garlic Farm itself opens at 9am every day. Entry is free – you can see more details about the market on I Love Wight’s Facebook Page and in the poster below!


Looking for more local events in your area? Check out our community section for all the latest markets, gigs, clubs and more on the Island!


10 Nifty Halloween Upcycle Decorations

It’s fast approaching that time of year again! We love to put our creative DIY hats on for Halloween, whether it’s creating last minute make-shift costumes or carving out creepy pumpkins. These nifty upcycled decorations will turn your house into a spooktacular playground for all the family to enjoy. All of this is done inexpensively, but will look professionally done when finished.


1. Boo Bottles


For our first instalment you just need to follow five simple steps: Firstly, raid through your recycling to find the necessary glass bottles to create the ghosts, it’ s important to remove all labels from the bottles. Spray paint the bottles until they are an opaque white, then draw whatever scary faces you want on with a black marker. For the finishing touch add some colourful straws in to make a spooktacular centrepiece. Via InstaCraft

Image RD


2. Dangling Bats and Ghosts


One of the more simple upcycles, but one of the best! Get your kids involved with this one as your turn your everyday egg cartons into hanging bats. Just cut, paint and add any accessory you like to add to the spooky effect, our favourite are the googly eyes shown in the picture. In addition you can make Halloween ghosts by painting leaves white, then simply drawing a scary face with a marker pen! Via Happy Clippings



3. Ancient Mummy Front Door


First impressions are the most important, you’ll be sure to get your Halloween started on the right note with this gem. Firstly, tape paper streamers to your door, making sure you overlap them to give a wrapped up look. To make eyes, cut up sheets of black and white paper into circles but remember to tape them on. Via Honey and Fitz




4. Graveyard Garden


Turn your garden into a creepy cemetery with this. Draw out tombstone shapes onto cardboard, rectangular, crosses and oval shapes work best. Then cut out the shapes you have created, paint them grey and once the paint has dried, for added spooky effect draw on some messages such as ‘RIP’. To make sure your tombstones stand up in the garden glue a wooden or plastic stake to the back of it to plant in the grass. Via Money Crashers.



5. Spooky Ghost Trail


Save up your old milk bottles and transform them into a ghost lit walkway. Cut a hole in the bottom of each milk jug, draw on whatever kind of spooky faces you wish in marker pen and line the bottles up making a pathway. Make sure where you cut a hole at the bottom of each bottle you place a lit artificial candle so to light up the bottles as if they are lanterns. Via Money Crashers



6. Crazy Laboratory Jars


Convert your table into a spooky scientist’s laboratory, use you old leftover glass jars. Fill them with food colouring and add anything you think will add a spooky effect, our favourites are plastic fingers, eyeballs and insects. Switch over your normal light bulbs with coloured ones to maximise the creepiness of your home! Via Money Crashers



7. Candy Coffin Surprises

U7These candy coffin boxes are always a huge hit, so well worth the effort involved. You will need small coffin shaped boxes, similar sized skeletons and spiders along with glue, paint and other crafting tools! The first thing you do paint the skeletons and spiders a silver shade, wait for them to dry, then glue onto top off coffins to your own preference. Once that is done, line the coffins with tissue paper, and then place truffles and sweets on top of the tissue paper, creating a wonderful candy coffin Via All You


8. Trick Or Treat Tree

U8Probably our most impressive addition, for this one you’ll need a Styrofoam cone, a long piece of ribbon, glue, lots of sweets and fake cobwebs. It is a simple concept, wrap the cone from head to toe in ribbon and glue it on to make sure it stays. Secondly, starting from the bottom, glue your sweets to your design, be as imaginative as you like, creating all kinds of different patterns until the cone is covered. Finally, wrap a final layer of cobweb on your piece, it is Halloween after all. Via All You




9. Spooky Sizeable Spiders


Scare the living daylights out of your guests with these monster spiders. All you need to do is blow up a balloon, cover it in paper mache and leave to dry. Once dry, pop the inner balloon and paint your invention black, again allow it to dry. Finally use glue to stick on the body parts of your spider, including pipe cleaner legs, feathers for hair and rhinestones eyes. Via All You




10. Luxurious Black Dahlia Flowers

U10For the more classy Halloweeners out there, take your flowers into a safe spacious room like a garage. Spray the flowers in black paint and allow time to dry, dab sections of the flowers in glue and dip them in glitter to give the sparkling effect, if you fancy, attach fake jewels to the flower with a glue gun for the more luxurious look. Place the flowers in a vase and you have yourself a wonderful centrepiece for a spooky evening ahead. Via All You




We hope that helps!

It won’t be long until you’ll be filled from head to toe with the Halloween spirit, hopefully this article will give you a few ideas on how you can cover your house in decorations on a budget. Many of the items needed you may find lying around in your house, but those you cannot get your hands on you can find on the Wightbay website.

Isle of Fright: The Most Spooktacular Spots on the Island!

DIG-13863-Infographic (3)


The Isle of Wight is renowned for it’s spectacular natural beauty, friendly residents and relaxed paced of life. But the Island also plays host to a variety of supernatural goings-on, making it one of the most haunted islands in the world! Many of these have been documented by experts like Gay Baldwin and Marc Tuckey of Ghost Island but here’s our rundown of creepy occurrences on the Isle of Fright…


Carisbrooke Castle: Multiple ghosts have been spotted within this formidable building including a dead girl who drowned in the well house, a cloaked figure with four dainty lapdogs and even the daughter of King Charles I, who was found face-down on a bible dead when a prisoner in the castle.


Appuldurcombe House: A variety of supernatural goings-on have been reported by visitors to this grand-looking mansion including a phantom carriage near the ground’s entrance, monks in traditional dress and the sound of a crying baby throughout the house. Unseen hands also regularly flick through the page of the visitor’s book and dark shapes are frequently spotted in the grounds…


Ventnor Botanical Garden: The Royal National Hospital, which stood here before being converted to gardens, specialised in the treatment of the deadly tuberculosis. Although the hospital was haunted for a great amount of time before it’s demolition, long-dead patients can still be heard weeping and groaning, with smells of ether also being reported.


The Union Inn, Cowes: This now pub used to have a sea light tower above it, which the wife of the tower keeper lovingly kept alight to guide him and his fellow anglers back from sea. One night she forgot, and her husband and many others anglers drowned. Her remorseful ghost is still said to haunt the steps up to the now non-existent sea light…


Hare & Hounds, Arreton: Murderous woodcutter Micah Morey killed his young nephew in cold blood and burned down the house around the body to cover his tracks. In 1737, he was tried and hanged at Gallows Hill near the Hare and Hounds, and the gibbet crossbeam he was hung on can now be viewed at the pub. Morey’s restless spirit can also be seen roaming Gallows Hill, carrying a large axe…


Have we missed a spooky spot on the Island? Head over to our Facebook Page and let us know!

Friendship & Speed Dating Walk – Isle of Wight Walking Festival 2015


Looking for friendship and maybe a bit of romance? Isle of Wight Walking Festival are running their well-renowned Friendship & Speed Dating Walk on the 24th October and it’s the perfect opportunity to meet and have fun with other single Islanders…


The festival’s previous speed dating walks have generated many matches, as well as five weddings and a baby! And with hobbies frequently listed as one of the top ways to meet like-minded people it’s no surprise that so many have found success at this relaxed event. The walk is also an excellent opportunity for finding platonic friendships and new walking partners so you can be sure regardless that you will come away with some new friends!

The walk starts at the The Beach Cafe in Sandown and will also finish at this lovely location, with an option to stay on for lunch and socialise with your fellow walkers. There will also be a stop-off for coffee at the Fishermen’s Cottage halfway through the walk.

MEN – There is always a shortage of men on the walk!  Please if you are single, come along and join in as it really is a lot of fun – you don’t have to be looking for romance and you’re sure to make some great friends along the way.

Young couple walking in park

Registration costs just £12 which includes lunch, making this walk incredibly good value! To register head to the Isle of Wight Walking Festival’s website.


And if you needed any more convincing, take a look at this beautiful testimonial from the first couple who wed eight years ago after meeting on the very first Speed Dating Walk!

March 12th 2006 seems a long time and another lifetime ago now. It was a bitterly cold day when we joined a nervous looking assortment of people for the first Island Speed Dating walk. Various emotions, nervous laughter, anxious chatter, knowing smiles, assessing glances, frowns and feigned nonchalance flitted across the faces of the assembled group in the pub at Wroxall like butterflies amongst summer flowers.

A need to make contact with someone equally nervous and equally unsure of what to do prompted Eric to talk to the two nearest people in the crowded bar.

Someone was smiling on him as his nervous conversation lead to the realisation that the person he was talking to shared his interest in golf, (he’d left Westridge Golf Course just an hour before the start of the walk), walking, dogs and so on. By the time we paired up, (and as chance would have it we had the same starting number) we could have walked back into the pub and skipped the walk as conversation flowed and shared interests came to light.


5 years on we are still sharing those interests in our house in France. Huge decisions followed as we sold two houses, were married in April 2007 and moved to France 2 days later. Together we pursued a dream and set up a smallholding with sheep, pigs, geese, and chickens for meat and eggs. Turning a rough 2 acres of ground into pasture and vegetable patch was a hard challenge and took effort. Not just with the physical side of things but getting to grips with doing everything in a different language, with different systems and different practices. We have had so many funny, maddening, exciting and frustrating experiences it would fill a book. But it all started on that first Island walk.

Since being in France we have moved house after our application for immigration to Canada didn’t work out. We are not sorry as we love the new house and area and we have stayed closer to family and friends in England. Our neighbours, French and English, are very special and as we grow to understand the natural reticence of the Cruesoise people we treasure the developing relationships we have with the people we meet.

It hasn’t always been straightforward and at times has challenged a new relationship but there have been so many moments to treasure and it is often that the end of the day looking out across the valley of the Creuse river we raise our glasses to the organisers of the very first Island Speed Dating Walk.


A huge thank you to all concerned.



If you’re looking for love on the Isle of Wight why not try Wightbay Dating? With 6000 users already registered it’s the perfect place to meet other like-minded Islanders!

Wightlink – The gateway to Isle of Wight!


Visitors to the Island needn’t worry about getting here – despite the lack of a fixed link to the mainland, the Isle of Wight has a frequent and reliable ferry service. Check out the different routes available and prices for Wightlink below…


Wightlink runs up to 150 trips a day between the Island and the mainland – with services departing from Portsmouth and Lymington. Car ferries from Portsmouth travel to Fishbourne (with a travel time of approximately 45 minutes), whereas the faster foot passenger catamarans arrive in Ryde (22 minutes). Car ferries from Lymington travel to Yarmouth and take just 40 minutes.

Conditions aboard are more than comfortable across Wightlink’s fleet, with excellent on board facilities and plenty of room to unwind on your journey to and from the Isle of Wight.


There are a wide variety of discounts available on crossings, including:

  • Discounted fares for Blue Badge holders
  • Up to 40% off on motorhome and caravan fares
  • Family Day Trip tickets from £35.00
  • Discounted school fares
  • And more…

Also on offer are a variety of different season tickets, multilink passes and flexi-pricing options – so whether you commute to the mainland for work or are on holiday there’s sure to be an option that suits you.

Wightlink ferries are fuss-free, with pets and bicycles both allowed on board free of charge, with a special pet-friendly lounge area on the outside deck for passengers with a furry friend.


You can find out more about Wightlink’s timetables and prices on their website – be sure to also take a look at their FAQ section before travelling.


Need ideas for things to do on the Isle of Wight? We’ve handpicked the very best restaurants, pubs, family days out and more on the Island so you don’t have to – check out our Ultimate Guide to the Isle of Wight!


Win £180 of Local Prizes in our ‘My Island’ Competition


The Island is absolutely packed with things to do, whether it’s fun in the sun, a family day out or something for just you! It only takes seconds to enter our competition and we’ve teamed up with some top local businesses for prizes to get you really excited about your local area!


Family ticket to Seaview Wildlife Encounter (worth £34)

Most Islanders and visitors alike will be familiar with Seaview Wildlife Encounter, based in the North East of the Island near Ryde. Getting mobbed by Wallabies and ducks might send some people running but animal enthusiasts will be in seventh heaven – in absolute style – at this multi-award winning Isle Of Wight attraction. Situated in a stunning parkland setting overlooking the sea this hidden gem offers all visitors a warm and friendly interactive wildlife experience where the focus is always on involvement. The dynamic Keeper team deliver nine daily hands-on feeding presentations where guests can get up-close and personal with a vast array of tame and exotic feathered and furry friends!



Handmade vase by Glory Art Glass (worth £100)

Started in 1996 by Martin & Nicola Evans, Glory Art Glass is a family run business based in Sandown on the Isle of Wight. Now being managed by their youngest son Ed. Their gallery boasts a large collection of beautiful, vibrant and original designs. Our work is often inspired by nature. And living on an island (with our studio just a stone’s throw from the beach), the sea and coast feature heavily. The ‘Chale’ design is a perfect example.

Chale beach is on the island’s iconic west coast. Made entirely of pebbles, it’s backed by stunning layered cliffs filled with beautiful earthy tones, ranging from rich mocha brown to battleship grey and everything in between.

IMG_1030 (1)


Dinner for 2 at the Yarbridge Inn (worth £50)

Run by the Fox family The Yarbridge Inn is a warm little oasis hidden on the outskirts of Brading. They concentrate on producing good home cooked meals as well as some fab homemade desserts in a friendly atmosphere. So it’s no surprise they appear high up on the list of best places to eat as voted by TripAdvisor users. Worth £50, our ‘Dinner for Two prize’ will usually cover a main, dessert and bottle of wine.

yarbridge inn meal 2

Sounds right up your street? Enter now and hurry because winners will be picked on the 21st August – don’t miss out!